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 Does anyone find it strange that you cannot find a simple downloadable Old Testament alone?
 Sure you can find the entire KJV with both old and new, but not the Old Testament alone. 
 There is a lot of Jewish literature you just cannot find on the web that should be free and readily available. 
 This website will incorporate a lot of time and research to find you those items, for free. 
Please email me any links you may find as well, and I will post them here! Have a great day.
Free Downloads

2. Download the King James Version
Of the Old Testament (Torah)
This will be Old Testament only.
Download PDF

3. PJ Library
More than 230,000 books mailed every month in the United States and Canada

4. Sefaria is home to 3,000 years of Jewish texts. A non-profit organization offering free access to texts for studying, interpreting, and creating Torah.

5. Tradional Hagaddah (maxwell house)

6. Jewish Broadcasting Service
     Cable TV.  Interesting Shows.

7.  Fasting with Diabetes On Yom Kippur
     Joslin Org.

8.  Touch Point Israel
Your personal link to the holy land

8.   Succoth (spelled this way) in the Torah:  No Link: Genesis 33:17

9. Jewish Historical Society of Long Island

10. AFTV.ORG    A preacher of Christ who is actually Jewish.  Interesting to hear his observations.

11. Free PDF Hebrew language lessons

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